Thursday, October 2, 2008

Travel Thailand Guide: Trekking Khao Yai National Park

Khao Yai Travel GuideApart from number of great famous beaches and night-life entertainments, the beauty of the cloud forest, wild animals and waterfalls from Thailand National Parks also attract lot of adventurous tourists to come and see these wild animals and bird singing through the trekking route.

Located just 200 kilometers from Bangkok, Khao Yai is one of Thailand's natural gems. The oldest and most internationally renowned of the country's national parks, Khao Yai is a beautiful and mysterious place brimming with mango fields, dense forests, towering waterfalls and vibrant wildlife. Walking trails stretch more than 50 kilometers. Families moved here to plant rice more than 100 years ago, and remains of their original settlements can still be found.

Perhaps most interesting to visitors is the enormous population of bats living in a cave near the outer perimeter of the park. Every evening at sundown, more than 3 million of these creatures emerge to find their evening meal. The spectacle lasts for more than an hour.

Wine lovers may already be aware of Khao Yai's place on the wine map. Although Thailand's wine industry is but ten years old, it's fast making a name for itself in the regional market. Thai wine's home is now firmly in Khao Yai. Several wineries offer tours, where visitors are treated to picturesque surroundings and a warm, peaceful atmosphere. You can explore scenic landscapes or sample the delights of grape juice and wine in all of the region's wineries.

Khao Yai is easily accessible by bus, train and car, and there are several options when staying in the park, including camping. The Visitor Center can provide all necessary information. Many travelers book a hotel in Nakhonratchasima or Bangkok, using it as a base for traveling to Khao Yai.