Sunday, October 12, 2008

General Travel Tips: Make Smart Prepare For Your Honeymoon

Honeymoon TipsSome might say it would not be the right time for travelling or honeymoon, since we’re all now facing the world’s economic problems which might shaking our livings and give us more pressures. But believe me; escaping from these loadings in-mind with some distances holiday is always give you more energy. Especially when this is the celebration for your wedding, it might be really important for this special ceremony.

However, for this kind of hard time, it’s better to look for ways to save money on your honeymoon expenses. Where can you find that? Here are the useful tips to help you to make a smart prepare for your honeymoon;

1. Plan everything early. You certainly will get lower prices if you can prepare everything before at least a couple of months ahead. Something likes advance booking for your airline tickets and hotel bookings will always cheaper when there aren’t many people looking for the same seat.

2. Go off-season. This always works. Traveling during non-peak periods is one of the easiest ways to save money. In some occasions, you might be able to cut your cost almost in half for doing that.

3. Gather your friends with you. The simple concept is that the more you booked the more power for bargaining. Group booking is another way of reducing your travel expenses. So if you don’t mind, invite your close friends and their lovers to joy your honeymoon trip. Beside, this would also give you some memories to talk about in your group.

4. Study on your honeymoon destination. There are many ways to do that. Google search is very helpful. It can give you many ideas and information on the location where you can go. This will prevent you from wasting times and money on your lost. Or maybe, you can simply subscribe to blogs to grab ideas from the others experiences. These people always give good reviews and guides.

5. Keep an eye on currency. Make sure you're prepared for using a different currency. Check the exchange rates from your local back before you leave and think about how much currency you will need. It's good to have some small bills when you get off the plane for tips at the airport, payments for taxis, or tips at the hotel.

As a summary,
plan your trip in advance can only give advantages. So, if you do have a plan for wedding, have a think about your honeymoon trip in the early stage and everything will be great and fun for your once-in-lifetime moment.

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