Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Travel Maldives Guide: The Idyllic Island Destinations

Located southwest of Sri Lanka in the Indian Ocean, the Maldives comprises more than a thousand islets, around two hundred of which are inhabited. Formed from coral atolls that jut from the sea, these islands are fringed with white sand and surrounded by warm equatorial waters teeming with marine life. In other words, the Maldives are an idyllic island destination where many people have dream of.

There were 3 choices when you are thinking of traveling to Maldives. One is for comfy travellers by just choosing your preferred travel package and let the tour organiser arrange all details - air ticket, resorts/hotels, airport transfer and other add-on services you may require e.g. special meals/dishes upgrades or hiring a domestic guide service for private explorer or what we call "Excursions". Two, still choosing your preferred travel package and also let them arrange all details except the air ticket where you might be able to find some seasonal promotions and special bargains. Three is for the savers, who will arrange all details by yourself which, of course, you can get the best from your pocket.

The most favorite island "Kani" would be something you shouldn't miss. This romantic island offers every sense of happiness you can imagine. From sporting to leisure activities, you can surf, kite boarding, dive, kayak or even seaplane where you can enjoy the top views. You might also be interested to take a one day trip around the city. This sightseeing trip to Male will help you get to know better about people and their life. Don't forget to stop by the Male fish market as well. It's just traditional!!

Please remember that the best period to travel to Maldives would be between December to April. During this period, you certainly can enjoy all activities you have dream of in this idyllic island without any worries about bad weather. So, enjoy your trip in Maldives.