Wednesday, October 3, 2007

General Travel Tip - The passion of Sunbathing

Sunbath Passion
I had lived in Australia for almost 6 years between my highschool days... when I firstly arrived in Australia I was pretty exciting about how my life is gonna be from there on.. new environment.. new culture.. different lifestyles.. especially the communication which was very bad of my English skills. However, so far so good, I finally got my certificates and I learns how to lived in different places, different culture and different lifestyle by my own. but I'm still a little concious about the different of Human Habits I might say...

I was very surprised when I went to Bondi Beach and Surfer Paradise for the very first time. Thousands and thousands of people lied down on the sand along the beach, confronted with burning sunlight and very hot temperature in a very sunshine day. People seem to be loved it though, and lied down for hours. It's so strange habit for Asians as if any head-cutting circumstance they will avoid the sunlight. So I tried, lied down on the sand for hours then 2 days after I found that my skin was peeling like a snake!!

So what should be the passion of this habit? because it's just a tortured moment while we got a dried skin waiting to peel off.. it's very hurt though..eieie.. and people loved to do that though.. people from the west e.g. Eupore, America, Australia. Just wondering why? why?? and why??

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