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Travel Indonesia Guide - How to appreciate the ‘Big Durian’ Jakarta

Travel Jakarta GuideColossal chaos under a blanket of pollution. That is the common perception of Jakarta. But much like its nickname ‘The Big Durian’, this bustling Southeast Asian metropolis may turn your nose at first, buts its rich culture, tremendously friendly residents and historical charm are so full of flavor, they soon become addictive. Let me take you on a fruitful journey into the heart of this fabulous, bewildering city.

If you’re interesting to travel to Indonesia, Bali trip may be the first to come up on your mind, but please do not forget to visit the capital city. Jakarta is simply too massive to explore without fragmenting your experience into specific things to do. Here is our suggestion list:

  • Be seen in the trendy suburb of Kemang. With its selection of boutiques, fine dining and drinking lounges, this is the place to see and be seen.
  • Visit the phallic-shaped, flame-lit national monument (MONAS) otherwise known as Suharto’s “last erection”.
  • Sojourn into the Thousand Islands. The further you venture away from the city, the more pristine the water and vibrant the wildlife. Check out Pulau Sepa, Pantara and Pelangi for the best diving and snorkeling, or if you can, make friends with a billionaire who owns one of the islands!
  • Shop at Plaza Senayan (Pondok Indah) SEA’s second largest shopping mall
  • Traipse around Old Jakarta and see the Museum Wayang (puppet museum)
  • Stay in absolute style at the Mandarin Oriental or designer hotel Kemang Icon
  • Go clubbing at the upscale Dragon Fly and the internationally famous, 24 hour pumpin’, Stadium
  • Munch at restaurants with local cuisine to die for, such as Dapur Babah, Pendoka Kemang or Lara Djonggrang
  • Dream on at Jalan Taman Impian Jaya Ancol themepark

Follow these trip advices, and your holidays in Jakarta could be a delightful vacation after all.

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