Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Travel Thailand Guide: Grab your lucks with Loy Krathong Festival

Loy Krathong FestivalThere are a few festivals from Thailand which reasonably well-known to people outside the countries. Talking about those festivals, “Loy Kratong” festival would be included on the top famous lists. Talking about “Loy Kratong” festival, today (12th November) is the day that the festival take place for this year which seems like everyone is ready for this traditional and wonderful event.

Originating as a Brahmanical festival adopted by Thai Buddhists during the reign of Rama IV in1863, “Loy Kratong” is a ceremony that venerates the Lord Buddha by offering floating trays laden with flowers, candles and incense. Loy translates to "float" in Thai, while Kratong pertains to a tray made from banana leaves. The light from the candle honors Lord Buddha, while the act of floating symbolizes the release of anger, resentment or any tarnishing of one's character. It is a way for a person to make amends and start afresh.

In addition to this, most Thais also float their kratong to honor the goddess of the rivers and waterways, Mae Nam, who they believe will bring good luck. This ties in with the romantic element of Loy Kratong which stems from a legend about Nang Nopamas, who was a royal consort to King Ramkhamhaeng (founder of Sukhothai).

As mention in the beginning, the Loi Krathong Festival is not only celebrated nationwide in Thailand, but also international places. There are many “Loy Krathong” festivals set up by Thai communities in some major cities around the world such as Melbourne, Sydney or London which you can enjoy respectful floating Krathong ceremony along with "The Noppamas Queen Contest", Thai foods exhibition and exotic mix of Thai culture shows throughout the day.

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