Thursday, September 27, 2007

Asia Cuisine Guide - Foods may tell History

Thai Cuisine Tom Sap KaiAs an Asian guy, I always want to try some western foods, like my favorite meat pied, spaghetti cabonara, lamb steak, Italian pizza...etc. and most of the times when i had tried some of them.. i learn something more than the feeling of the tastes and smells. i can images of how the people will be look like, their lifestyles..their features and so on...apart from that the different way people have their foods and differentiate the character of the nation or we and learn the culture or the some history on that.

The question is that if you had ever tried some of the Asian food and can u imagine how will us be look like??" the lifestyle of ours??

what is your Asian's favorite plates then.. Thais..Japanese.. Chinese.. Indian.. Korean.. Have you ever noticed that why Japanese and Korean plates are pretty similar tastes even these 2 countries are located thousands miles away from each other? Why some of the Asian Foods have a pretty strong in smell or even the taste but some may not? or some of the Asians plated will be served in a very hot temperature style.. some are in a very cold..

You can definitely find out the differences if you try some of these following plates...
1. Cold Noodle(Japanese)
2. Duck Noodle(Chinese)
3. Tom Yum Noodle(Thai)
4. Ramen(Korean)

These are all the noodle menu but what is the differences you found?? does it reply to some story tellings about Asia??..

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Travel Indonesia Guide - The experiences of sand and sea at Bali

Travel Bali GuideAs the temperature gets chillier in many Northern Hemisphere countries, tropical destinations such as Bali seem all the more attractive. With their bona fide friendly nature and ingenious for hospitality, the Balinese make the island an even more popular destination to beachcomers in seach of sun, sand and surf.

Bali also has a variety of beach options to suit every kind of traveler. There are the popular surf spots of Kuta and Legian, the luxurious and private shores of Nusa Dua, the chic and romantic Seminyak beach and the beautifully serene locale of Sanur.

With its clean break waves and lengthy golden shore, Kuta has been a favourite among surfers since the 1970s. These days, the area is something of a tourist Mecca, offering a prime nightlife and entertainment scene in addition to its vast array of beach activities and
hotels. The area is also brimming with shopping options, with everything from branded luxury clothes and accessories to bohemian beach wear.

The Kuta town and surrounding suburbs are suitable for all types of tourists including seasoned solo surfers, young groups of friends, couples and families. It is an epicenter for surf, sun and fun - but not necessarily peace and quiet. Not far from Kuta town is the trendy Seminyak beach. Quickly earning a reputation for being a sleek, boutique hotspot, Seminyak has a first-rate swimming beach and a number of designer accommodation and fine dining options. I recommend to include the Resor Seminyak Resort & Spa and the opulent
Oberoi Hotel as one of the prior choices.

The luxurious beach cove of Nusa Dua is a favorite among those traveling to Bali, because of its calm, tranquil atmosphere and inviting turquoise waters. It is a perfect place for romancing honeymooners but also for those with a passion for underwater life - there are good diving and snorkeling spots to be found in this area.
Closer to Denpasar, the quiet beach of Sanur is a pleasant alternative to the highly developed and more popular beach spots of Bali. Everything at Sanur moves at a leisurely pace, and guests can experience a more traditional Bali, with local fishermen bringing in their catch of the day and the soothing sounds of the nearby temple, offering a unique atmosphere.