Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Travel Australia Guide: Tram Trip in Melbourne

Travel Melbourne by TramPlease don’t tell anyone that you’ve already been in Melbourne without hopping on its city's tram network. The Melbourne tram network is regarded as the largest tram network in the world. This public transport service was firstly introduced on 1885 and has become an icon, a part of Melbourne’s character ever since. The Melbourne trams can take you from the downtown’s busiest areas to most of the inner suburbs. Well, a tram trip in Melbourne can considerably be one of the best and easiest ways for you to feel people, roads, buildings and the lives of this gorgeous city.

However, working out routes, stops and timetables isn't always straightforward if you're from other countries. Try Tramroute.com where you can find further information on the Melbourne trams service from Google Maps with its timetable information. This website is also allowing you to enter an address, identify the nearest tram stops, and then view timetable and real-time running information for that route. There's also a feature to find trams near popular attractions such as national parks, famous beaches, historical buildings and lots more.

In fact, you can simply use the information on Tramroute.com to plan your trip, select place to stay or find where to visit and choose destination to spend time in each travel moment.

It’s easy to travel on Melbourne’s extensive transport network. Just get a ticket called Metcards, validate it and travel. With this one ticket you can flexible travel between trains, trams and buses. Starting with a Zone 1 daily ticket and you will be able to spend the entire day seeing tourist attractions with unlimited train, tram and bus travel for a day within the entire city center.

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